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Therapy can provide a safe place to explore and address your issues in a meaningful way, one that can produce real and lasting change. In individual psychotherapy, the focus is on your experience, thoughts and feelings. You can learn to eliminate or control troubling symptoms or thought processes. Psychotherapy can be transformative and increase overall wellbeing.

Children's Therapy

Like other forms of therapy, child counseling has many of the same goals, building resiliency, skill building and behavioral change. When looking for a therapist for your child, it is crucial to find a professional with expertise in child development and specialized training in working with a younger population.

Teen Counseling

The adolescent years are a time of incredible physical and neurological growth. It’s vital to see every teen’s potential rather than pathologize this crucial stage of development. For adolescent counseling to work, teens need a safe space where they feel valued before being able to work on their behavior, explore issues or work on specific problems like anxiety or depression.

Family Therapy

Sometimes families find themselves locked in conflicts that they cannot resolve. Family counseling can help your family resolve conflict and learn how to deal with stress in healthier ways. You can also improve communication and strengthen relationships through family counseling

Janette Berne, Dunwoody Psychotherapist

I’m Janette Berne

Licensed Professional Counselor

Welcome to my website, where you learn more about how I use psychotherapy to help adults, families, children and teens.

I’m located in Dunwoody, Georgia serving the Atlanta metro area.

Areas of Expertise in Psychotherapy

Behavioral Issues
Child and adolescent counseling
Child development
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Emotional Modulation
Pediatric Eneuresis/Encopresis
Family Conflict
Learning Issues
Life transitions
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Play therapy
Relationship Issues
Trauma recovery

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